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Fade Away

Who do you think you are?
A sinner, a repenting whore?
Scavenging all that you come across, nothing changes

Your way of life is useless
a simple yearning breeding dark and cold
Thoughts of sacrifice, not yours, but all around

As we're watching the screen we stop thinking
This godless world, nevermore

We are loosing our faith in ourselves
Times are changing while we wait
and all will fade away

The feeling growing stronger, we are trying to justify
the way we live and the way we try to stay alive
Each day we're sinking deeper in our own self-destructive way
as nausea hits us wave after wave after wave

When we're falling asleep, eras ending
We see the signs down below

We are living a life of deception
full of hate and contradiction
Hearing nothing but dogmatic tales, sp real
Thinking it will heal
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